Single Source. Compliance. Security. True Global Reach. Value Recovery.

With our state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced and secure processes in the industry, TES is a trusted leader for technology deployment, recovery, remarketing, and recycling.


Every aspect of our process is designed to provide secure, cost effective results and help eliminate the liabilities and risks associated with technology assets. And we do this with no disruption to your business; embedded in the service delivery is a culture that demands this be smooth, easy, and efficient for our customers.

Global Coverage.

environmentally compliant recycling

Environmentally Compliant Recycling

TES is widely recognized as a global leader in electronic waste recycling. Our e-waste recycling plants utilise state-of-the art equipment and processing techniques aimed at delivering the lowest possible environmental impact for recycled equipment.

asset recovery

Asset Recovery

TES provides a one-stop solution for decommissioning and retiring end-of-life IT equipment. Our solution manages all aspects of the process including transportation, identification, testing, repair, data sanitization, and value recovery.

managed deployment

Managed Deployment

Managed Deployment encompasses a set of end-to-end services that can help you manage the deployment of your technology devices. Embedded within that is an understanding that your end users need to keep working without interruption, and your IT team members need to minimize desk visits and data migration problems.


Battery Recycling

TES is rising to meet the inherent safety and sustainability challenges that surround battery recycling by making deep investments in new technology. In Europe and Asia, this technology will allow TES to safely recycle batteries, and extract the raw commodities that comprise them to a purity level that can be reused in the forward supply chain.

spare parts

Spare Parts

Because of who our clients are and the quantities/types of assets we handle, we have access to significant volumes and varieties of spare parts. We understand the criticality and cost implications of limiting downtime and having the ability to get the spare parts you need, when you need them is a big part of that.

onsite data destruction

Onsite Data Destruction

For clients that require data to be destroyed before leaving their facility, TES offers onsite services that cover the spectrum of risk profiles including data erasure, degaussing, and shredding.



We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your IT lifecycle needs in more detail. Please contact us at your convenience and give TES the opportunity to build a proposal that meets your needs.