Sustainability Report 2019

Our report represents the second year of the TES reporting journey. It highlights progress and achievements in contributing to the circular economy and demonstrates ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and innovation.

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In the report: 

  • Sustaining Tomorrow
    Our commitment to embedding sustainable development into our business.
  • Ethics and Business Conduct
    We start at the top, and filter our ethical, compliant and transparent approach to all levels of our organization.
  • Protecting the Environment
    We’re extending the life of products and materials, by using the best available technology.
  • Innovation in the Circular Economy
    We continue to provide innovative solutions and invest in the responsible reuse and recycling of electronics.
  • Data security
    As a key concern for organizations, data security is a priority across both TES and client sites.
  • Our people
    The people and communities where we operate benefit from our commitment to sustainability.

In the report

Sustaining Tomorrow


We believe sustainable development will generate long-term value for our employees, clients, shareholders and global society.

This involves complying with all legal requirements and TES Business Principles, while driving change to support the transition to a circular economy.

Ethics and Business Conduct


TES operates in an ethical, compliant and transparent way.

Our commitment starts at the top and filters to all levels, with governance of every aspect of the business, from procedures to working with clients and partners.

Protecting the environment


TES is committed to extending the life of products and materials using best available technology.

As we operate, we aim to close the loop, conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Innovation in the Circular Economy


TES has continued to provide innovative solutions and invest in environmentally responsible reuse and recycling of electronics. 

Since it was founded in 2005, TES has engaged in circular economy practices, taking used equipment 

Data security


Data security is a key priority across both TES and client sites.

It's an increasing concern for organizations, with increasing liability costs for breaches of data confidentiality across many jurisdictions and data protection laws introduced to protect personal data from unauthorized persons.

Our people


Our commitment to operating sustainably benefits our people and communities where we operate.

We protect the fundamental human rights of employees, provide fair working conditions and ensure a safe and healthy work environment.