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Meet the team - Moray Loggie

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Meet the team... Moray Loggie
Business Development Manager, Irvine

What I do
TES Irvine offers both ITAD Services and also Trades in purchasing scrap electronics. At TES Irvine, I wear two hats. Hat 1 - Selling our ITAD Services locally and globally to B2B customers, and also via other ITAD Partners. Hat 2 - Trading with other ITADs, and Recyclers to purchase their end-of-life electronic scrap materials. More recently on the recycling side, I have also been involved in sourcing scrap Li-ion Batteries and working closely with colleagues in the Battery Recycling Division of TES.

Irvine, Scotland

How did you get to work for TES?
I can't believe almost a decade ago I joined TES. Where has the time gone! I was working for another small electronics recycler and was approached by TES to come and join the Team. I jumped at the chance.

Tell us an interesting fact about you.
A number of years ago I abseiled down part of the Forth Road Bridge in Queensferry, Edinburgh. Money was donated to Bliss which is a charity for premature babies. My daughter now 14 was born 9 weeks early and weighed just 2lbs. Hard to think of seeing her now.

What is your favourite film?
Marley & Me.

What is your favourite saying?
What’s for you won't go by you.

What do you like about working for TES?
What can I say other than "what a Team". We are like a big family. Everyone I have talked to or met over the years has been so helpful, kind, and friendly. I have seen a lot of changes in the last 10 years – onwards and upwards for TES. Great company to work for. Hopefully many more years at TES for me

What does it mean to you, to work for an organization which is sustaining tomorrow?


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