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CATL and TES Sign Strategic Overseas Agreement (OSA)

- 3 minute read

CATL, the global leader of innovative energy technologies, has selected TES to deliver after-sales services for its battery products. 
This initial agreement will see TES Sustainable Battery Solutions service CATL’s clients, who use its energy storage solutions in 12 countries within Asia-Pacific (APAC). 

The rollout will be delivered over three phases, providing after-sales services to CATL’s clients. This includes investigation into product failures, repair, and replacements, early warning and alarm troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and software updates for battery management units and cell supervision circuits. 

TES Sustainable Battery Solutions has already started supporting CATL in the collection and recycling of batteries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and APAC. The next steps in the growth of the partnership include establishing a training center in Singapore and collaborating on research and development projects, such as how to meet the increase in the share of lithium ferro (iron) phosphate (LFP) batteries, now growing in global production. Those plans dovetail into TES’s broader sustainable battery solutions 4R strategy for lithium-ion batteries: Repair & Remanufacture, Repurpose & Reuse, Recycle & Recover. 

Given TES’ global expertise and reach, and CATL’s market dominance in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, this partnership will pave the way for further agreements. This will not only extend the breadth of services offered across TES’s 4R strategy but, importantly, it will extend those services across new geographies as well.  

The partnership has already seen TES Sustainable Battery Solutions being presented with a plaque in recognition for becoming a two-star overseas OSA provider for APAC, one of only two providers hand-selected for each region. The accolade is given based upon considerations such as facility layout, the level of service offered by engineers, the capability of the company, and cooperation, among several other factors.  

The two companies’ strategic alignment runs deep and is also closely aligned with their visions of a circular economy, with the objective to close the loop on battery treatment through research and development projects. 

“We are already well underway strategizing how this partnership with CATL will grow,” notes Terence Ng, Executive Chairman of TES. “We are honored to be trusted by CATL, and we are excited to be partnering with them in new markets, territories, and services; this agreement is just the beginning.” 

Thomas Holberg, Global Vice President of TES Sustainable Battery Solutions, added, “TES is well-positioned with ambitious plans within the sustainable battery solutions space.  We already have plans to build on our existing global network of recycling facilities in Grenoble, Singapore, and, more recently, in the port of Rotterdam. CATL will be an important partner for TES on many levels as we continue to grow.”  

A new battery recycling site in Shanghai is due to be commissioned by the end of this quarter and will serve as a springboard for the development of a much larger site in Northern China over the next two years. 


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