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Like taxes, it's only expected that regulation will increase

The exponential growth of electronic waste has created a pressing need for the responsible management of its disposal and, in doing so, has spawned a bewildering amount of national and international legislation.

Compliance is already paramount and it's becoming obvious the situation will become ever more regulated. To get it wrong is to waste valuable time and money, risk severe penalties and jeopardize an organization’s most valuable asset – its reputation.

A safe way through the compliance maze

TES has localized relationships with regulatory authorities worldwide, a recycling infrastructure that lowers our clients’ risk profile, compliance representatives at each site and a deep understanding of local language, culture and compliance nuances.

We’re certified to R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001. The ever-changing patchwork of regulations is something you don’t need to navigate. It’s our role to ensure your retired IT assets are managed compliantly.

Below are just some of the regulatory hurdles we take care of:



Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive

Manufacturers or importers of electrical equipment are required to properly label, take back, recycle and dispose of products and equipment. We take care of the work, the reporting and the compliance of this end-to-end directive, helping manufacturers comply effortlessly.

Energy-using Products (EuP) directive and Eco-Labelling

An EU directive covering product design to ensure full lifecycle compliance.  Our processes help the industry ensure the full product lifecycle - from raw materials to eventual disposal or recycle - meets these requirements.

Batteries Directive and RoHS

With strict rules with separate controls for different battery types, restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) that are hazardous to human health and the natural environment and the Batteries Directive mean materials and disposal need to be managed responsibly.


We promote social responsibility and compliance in manufacturing environmentally safe products with specific labeling and certification.


GDPR compliance is a must. We’re fully GDPR-compliant so you can trust us to meet the requirements to handle and store your data so nobody receives a fine.

Consumer & public protection regulations

Electrically-powered devices have the potential to cause injury - or worse. Our rigorous and certified testing procedures will give you peace of mind that the equipment being prepared for reuse is safe, so no liability falls on you.

Stringent security measures

Data and IT asset security are fundamental to everything we do. We adhere to the US Security Services NIST 800.00 standard for data sanitizing and destruction of data-bearing media. We’ve employed substantial physical and network security measures to ensure your data and assets are always safe in transit at our secure facilities.

Transboundary movement of e-waste is getting more difficult

Every transboundary shipment raises serious questions to think through: What can/can’t you export/import? What volume limitations are imposed? What are the transport requirements? What regulatory agencies are involved? How do you complete the required paperwork? Do assets need to be tested prior to shipment? Can you avoid delays/penalties during the process?

Legislation and regulations vary widely from one country to another and are both complex and constantly evolving. This demands a guide like TES. You need an expert that has the knowledge to pick up assets, export them legitimately and also import them into another country. All of this involves:

  • Export and import rules and regulations vary depending on which country you’re exporting from and which country you’re importing to
  • Transportation requirements for exporting between countries with separate regulations for air, sea or land movements of goods
  • Building a rapport and truth with the many regulatory agencies involved
  • Knowing the paperwork required and how to complete it using the many tariff and customs codes involved
  • Replicating it all for exporting and importing countries - even those you have to pass to get there while avoiding delays and penalties
  • Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes requires prior completion of shipment documents to obtain informed consent for movement of goods and even deposits of funds to act as bonds in case of accidents in transit requiring recovery of potentially hazardous materials
  • Use of classifications of used equipment being prepared for reuse in compliance with the R2 standard. Our facility in Seattle was amongst the first in the world to earn the new R2v3 certification. 
  • We’ll help you avoid being mistaken for a ‘digital dumper’. We carefully consider the potential harm WEEE can cause people in developing countries so they’re never left to cope with potentially harmful recycling technologies and contamination

TES can be your partner that can demonstrably manage the compliant flow and processing of every asset across local, regional, country level and international laws, regulations and industry-level standards. The complexity of this ecosystem is incredible - yet managed by experienced TES personnel.

TES is dedicated to maintaining an ethical culture for all team members and partners. Report any suspected misconduct or wrongdoing here.

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