Download the white paper: 'Creating a circular economy in ICT'

We’re living in a ‘take-make waste’ linear economic model, where materials are extracted, used, and then thrown away.

This isn't the model we need if we're to create a sustainable world economy, one that's both equitable and eco-friendly for our living planet. 

In 2019, the amount of e-waste generated had grown by 21% over five years.

52 million
In 2021, the annual e-waste total is expected to rise to 52 million metric tons.

It's expected that by 2040, 14% of our annual carbon emissions will be attributable to electronics production.

In the white paper, discover:

    • What the traditional, and commonly used linear economy model looks like.
    • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and e-waste statistics.
    • What the circular economy model is, and why we need it.
    • How companies can differentiate themselves by sustainably and ethically managing their  IT infrastructure.

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