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Managed Deployment

Deployments are time-consuming, labor intensive, and expensive for many organizations. Staging, storing, installing, imaging, asset tagging, and loading applications on hundreds of new units can be a significant drain on internal IT resources.

Outsourcing this activity to TES is an opportunity to lower your costs, redirect IT resources to more value-added projects, and leverage our field tested best practices to efficiently put equipment to work.

TES offers a comprehensive on-site asset audit solution that assists our customers locate both leased and owned equipment from Datacenter Environments to End User Desks and establish important asset information including site, building, floor, make, model, serial number and customer asset tag numbers.

This solution is designed to reconcile asset information from two perspectives: 1) To establish the correct physical location of the asset, and 2) To determine the assets hardware and software specifications so informed decisions can be made with regards to refresh cycles, potential equipment like-for-like replacements, redeployment or resale opportunities. Once the audit has been completed TES work closely with our customers to analyze audit data, and make recommendations on the most effective use of hardware.
TES provides a range of refresh planning and project management services. We create and manage installation schedules based on the most cost effective approach and ensure adherence to project timelines by closely coordinating all precursor activities such as equipment distribution, client site schedule coordination, and personnel deployment. This typically includes the creation / management of schedules, resource management, communication plans, and change / risk / cost management.
TES has over 34 owned facility locations across 25 countries. Customers can leverage TES’s facility and workforce to receipt, store and manage bulk shipments of Enterprise Equipment, new personal computers and associated IT products.

This enables our customers to easily manage staged project rollouts or to provide a buffer stock facility that can be vital in “insulating” temporary vendor stock shortages.

Buffer stock can be dispatched directly to our customer's locations according to a pre-defined rollout schedule or ad-hoc on demand.
Whether it be datacenter or client assets, numerous hurdles can be encountered while planning and executing hardware deployment. This can range from a lack of adequate staging facilities, to deficient local expertise, to critical hardware failures after installation. Providing the expertise, tools and resources to plan and execute IT hardware installations, deployments, take-outs, upgrades and configurations that are virtually seamless to client operations is the challenge that our IT Deployment and Installation service is designed to meet. Our on-site installation services streamline the process of installing equipment in both the datacenter and the end user desk significantly reducing labor costs and project execution times.

We handle all aspects of the refresh process including project management, hardware replacement, data migration, and user acceptance testing. Our onsite engineers will complete all refresh activities quickly, courteously and with minimal disruption to our customer’s staff.

As a part of managed deployment projects TES’s customers are able to take advantage of our staging and configuration centers. Our centers have the capacity to network and stage both enterprise and PC machines in bulk allowing us to scale up quickly to meet our clients project demands.

By performing many pre-installation tasks such as asset tagging, custom SOE image loading, application installation, and software updates prior to delivery, customers can significantly increase the deployment rate on-site delivering savings both in time and labor costs.

With years of experience working with our clients - the world’s largest companies, whether they be tech, finance, manufacturing or professional advisers - our onsite engineers will complete all datacenter & client PC refresh activities quickly, courteously and with minimal disruption to our customer’s staff and business.
TES provides IT relocation services to assist organizations in moving equipment between office locations and datacenters. We have a team of engineers and project managers that are experienced in executing large scale relocation projects professionally, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our team understands how to relocate sensitive IT equipment, and will arrange the vehicles, tools and equipment required to do so safely.

TES’s IT relocation services include:

  • Disconnection and Reconnection of PC based IT equipment.

  • De-racking and Re-racking of servers and infrastructure.

  • Secure packaging and transport of equipment between offices or datacenters.

  • Management of internal staff moves and changes within a building.
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