IARC & ICBR Events 2020

TES Joins ICM Events To Share Battery Recycling Knowledge

International Automobile Recycling Congress (IARC) & International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR) Events 2020

TES’ experts in battery recycling will be joining the ICM this autumn to share their specialist knowledge on lithium-ion battery recycling.

The use of Lithium-Ion batteries is increasing driven by the wide variety of devices that we now consume. From information communications (ICT) devices (such as smartphones, and laptops) through to electric vehicles, it’s an upward trend that doesn’t look likely to change. 

However, Lithium-Ion battery packs contain a number of valuable metals and materials. Many of them are a finite resource and aren’t environmentally friendly to extract or to dispose of when handled incorrectly.  

TES’ expert staff will be on hand to share expert knowledge, on how circular solutions are already being delivered across the battery life cycle. This includes the issues arising from electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling and smartphone and laptop recycling. 

The components from within lithium-ion batteries can be used in the forward manufacturing supply chain. However, this requires expert management of the many legislations across geographical and legal territories. Accessing compliant recycling infrastructure requires a global partner, with subject matter experts in reverse logistics.

IARC 2020 – September 2 – 4, 2020, Geneva, Switzerland  

InterContinental Geneva, 7-9 Chemin du Petit, Saconnex, 1209 Geneva, Switzerland  

Some of the specific topics that will be covered by our team:  

  • The benefits of the circular economy for electric vehicle batteries  
  • Safe recycling of automotive lithium-ion batteries  
  • Reuse & refurbishment – What about data security?  

ICBR – September 16 – 18, 2020, Salzburg, Austria  

Salzburg Congress, Auerspergstrasse 6, 5020 Salzburg, Austria  

Some of the specific topics that will be covered by our team:  

  • Innovation in Emerging Battery Recycling Technologies on a Global Basis  
  • Battery Materials in a Circular Economy  
  • Latest Developments in Lithium Battery Transport and Safety

Meet the team: Carola Krause
Carola will be at both the IARC and ICBR event.

Carola has over 20 years in the logistics and take back industry. She is a subject matter expert in end of lifecycle solutions and compliance, including 26 local laws and the Basel Convention.   


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