Renewable Battery Technology: The Business Opportunity and Challenge

Join our experts to discover the business opportunity and challenges presented by renewable battery technology.

TES’s George Wu is joined by a panel of industry experts, to discuss the implementation of 2nd Life Batteries in Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Indonesia is unique in many-many ways. However, it bears similarity with other countries, in that there are many rural locations requiring power, which are off the main energy grid. These locations lend themselves to hybrid power solutions; such as solar photovoltaic (PV) power and another energy source as back up.
Typically, diesel generators are the go-to back up solution to solve intermittency issues. Yet, using diesel isn’t economically sustainable and erodes the environmental benefits of renewable energy.

Join the webinar, to discover how by giving electric vehicle (EV) batteries a second life, renewable battery ESS offers a more economic and environmental solution.

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