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TES Response to Arrow Closure

- 1 minute read

Sudden exit leaves many companies without safe and reliable IT Asset Disposition partner

Last week, news surfaced that Arrow Electronics would shutter its personal computer and mobility asset disposition business in the U.S. and abroad.  This sudden development has left many companies without a safe and reliable way to manage end-of-life technology assets.  As a global leader in IT Lifecycle Services and recycling, TES is committed to supporting these organizations in their pursuit of a globally seamless, secure, and environmentally friendly technology asset disposition partner.

TES handles IT asset processing from end-to-end, specializing in onsite data destruction, asset recovery/recycling, and IT deployment.  Our 38 processing facilities across 20 countries around the globe are owned and operated which allows us to offer a truly global solution because we own the infrastructure.  This is a key differentiator in our industry and provides an unmatched level of control in logistics, chain of custody, security standards, processing procedures, and more without the margin stack and risk associated with using several subcontracting partners.

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