TES and 3DOM (Singapore) Sign Circular Economy Agreement

TES and 3DOM to co-develop battery recycling ecosystem in Singapore

Two companies will work together to develop and grow Singapore's battery recycling and manufacturing ecosystem.

SINGAPORE, 28 October 2022Singapore-based technology asset lifecycle services company TES and 3DOM (Singapore), the Singapore office of Japan-based battery producer 3DOM Alliance Inc., have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to develop and grow Singapore’s battery recycling and manufacturing ecosystem. 

The agreement was facilitated in part by the Singapore Battery Consortium (SBC). As the MOU moves forward, it will likely involve battery solutions provided by Singapore-based GenPlus. 

3DOM (Singapore) is responsible for the production and supply of lithium-ion batteries developed in Japan by 3DOM Alliance Inc., with a presence in mobility and energy storage applications. 

This partnership investigates collaboration opportunities pertaining to 1) lithium-ion battery recycling services in Singapore; 2) the synergies between TES and 3DOM in their roles in end-of-life battery management in the region, and 3) energy storage system (ESS) integration opportunities to increase the sustainability of electrification in Singapore’s increasingly circular economy. 

The MOU allows both companies to work together towards the listed goals. Additionally, TES will offer recycling services to 3DOM for the lithium-ion batteries it generates in the region. The two companies will also explore synergies between portfolio companies for repurposing and reusing batteries.

“This MOU represents 3DOM Singapore’s commitment to Singapore’s vision of a circular economy for batteries and the future of technology. We have confidence that with TES, we have the right partner to move forward with the responsible handling, repurposing, and recycling of batteries and battery materials in Singapore,” said Mari Matsushita, Chief Product Officer of 3DOM (Singapore).

David Lee, Chief Strategy Officer of TES, added, “We are delighted to have been selected by 3DOM (Singapore) to be their partner in recycling and closing the loop here in Singapore. This MOU represents what we are certain will be the first of many positive steps in creating a closed-loop system for battery materials in Singapore and the wider region.” 

For more information about TES, visit https://www.tes-amm.com.

Additional information about innovative battery technology and energy solutions provider 3DOM (Singapore) can be found at https://3dom.sg. For further information, please get in touch with garry.tay@3dom.co.jp.

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