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Brands Assets

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Pressroom Thumbnails (1)

TES Victoria, Australia 

Pressroom Thumbnails (3)

TES Recklinghausen, Germany 

Pressroom Thumbnails (2)

TES Birmingham, UK 

TES B Singapore

TES Battery, Singapore 

Port of Rotterdam

TES Battery, Port of Rotterdam 

TES Jönköping

TES Jönköping, Sweden 

Our People

A TES employee scanning assets

Scanning Assets   

A TES employee pouring extracted gold from assets

Pouring extracted gold   

A TES employee dismantling a laptop

Laptop dismantling   

A TES employee packing the assets

Packing Assets   

A TES employee using Blancco to data erase laptops

Data Erasure   

A TES employee working on a laptop in the warehouse 05

Laptop Cosmetic Check   


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