Sustaining tomorrow

TES is committed to sustaining tomorrow. We believe our success is integrally linked to human health and our planet's ecosystem.

To generate long-term value for our employees, clients, shareholders and society, at TES we believe it is imperative to go beyond industry norms and regulatory requirements. We have to be true to our vision, mission and core values.

Let’s talk about sustainability

We achieve sustainability through 3 foundational pillars (our 3 P’s):

TES understands the significance of safeguarding privacy, brand, intellectual property and data in a digital world. The TES corporate culture goes beyond compliance by delivering an integrated suite of asset transformation services that delivers confidence. Trust and integrity are
our highest priorities.

TES recognizes the co-dependant relationship between humans and the natural environment. We understand that enterprise and social progress cannot be sustained by environmental degradation and only responsible consumption and production can sustain a better tomorrow. By minimizing the use of scarce and valuable materials TES preserves the natural environment, and in turn preserves the health and well-being of humans.

TES acknowledges the significant role it plays in providing economic value recovery for customers within a diverse, inclusive and sustainable workplace. The TES family is committed to developing and supporting lasting enterprise, knowing their company and the work they do is sustaining a better tomorrow.

Our mission is to make a decade of difference

To securely, safely and sustainably transform and re-purpose...


1 billion
of assets by 2030

New call-to-actionWe’ve embedded a sustainable mindset into every aspect of the business

TES operates in an ethical, compliant and transparent way. Our commitment starts at the top and filters to all levels, with governance over every aspect of the business, from procedures to working with clients and partners.

Our initiatives have driven some amazing results at our facilities around the globe:

  • We’re continuing to protect the environment as in 2019, our total energy consumption was 44,119 GJ and 277,141 MT CO2 equivalent total greenhouse gas emissions
  • We prepared in excess of one million data-bearing devices for reuse
  • We’re aiming to reduce the consumption of energy by 15% per MT of materials processed by 2025
  • Whilst processing 70,000(MT) of electronic materials, our reuse, recycling and recovery rate was 98.7%

Download our Sustainability Policy: TES Sustainability Policy (PDF) 455 Kb

We work with large companies and people who consider their impact on the environment



Every single new employee at TES is trained on our Code of Conduct and other core TES policies. Last year, we delivered 11,167 hours of internal training to ensure we exceed governance requirements and continue to build our culture of sustainability at TES.

We’re ideally placed to work with large enterprises who understand sustainability initiatives start from the ground up. It’s not about corporate karma; it’s about making sure we collectively make a lasting change.

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